Tuesday, 10 April 2018



 On Tuesday 10th April we went to Kingswood. We did not walk because it was raining very hard and the wind was too strong so we drove to Kingswood. When we got there we waited outside for them to let us in. We sang 10 songs to the people. They clapped with us. After we finished singing we got lollies and a drink. Then we drove back to school.


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Leadership Day 2018

Leadership day 2018
On a cold morning the year 4-6 children walked to Pollen Park for Leadership Day. If you don’t know what Leadership Day is it’s when all the schools (year 5-6) join together and do team building activities. At the start we drew stuff that involves our school on the New Zealand Commonwealth Games mascot paws. After we had morning tea and we started the games. We did about 6-7 games and my favourite one was marsh manoevers. To play this our whole team had to get across the field, walking on pieces of wood, and we could not touch the grass. Over all it was very exciting with teamwork and memory games.