Thursday, 25 September 2014

Star on the guitar!

I do guitar lessons at school every Thursday. My teachers name is Leigh.
I have learnt songs and chords like C, E7, EM, A, F, D and G.
My favourite song is Roar.
Today I got 10 lollies for good work.
I enjoy learning the guitar, it is fantastic.

By Esther

Fabulous Gymnastics

Last night at gymnastics prizegiving I got a medal and a trophy, it was exciting.
I got it for level one best boy.
I have fun doing the rings,
the beam and the rolls too.
I am looking forward to starting level two next term.

By Jackson

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Magic Tree Book

A brave pirate, a snooty fox, an excitable dog, a sleepy lion, a kind washer-woman and an i-pad “freak” are the main characters in St Joseph Catholic School’s latest production, “The Magic Tree Book”. These characters will be recognised from well-known NZ stories by authors Joy Cowley, Gavin Bishop, Margaret Mahy and Lynley Dodd.
The story was written by Mrs Jemma Van Eijk and is about the importance of keeping a town library open even though children are always playing on their ipads rather than reading books.
All of the students are involved in the show and have been working hard dancing, singing as well as painting props. Three exciting shows are being held at St Joseph’s School hall starting Monday 15th September until Wednesday 17th September at 7pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, primary/intermediate students $5 and pre-schoolers are free. You can pick them up from the school office or there will be some available at the door. It’s going to be an amazing show – we hope you will come along to see!

St Joseph’s Newsroom

Brooke S as Mrs Wishy Washy
Jayden H as the Pirate
Ricco G as Hairy Maclary

Louie G as the Lion

Courtney L as the Fox

Hannah G as the Librarian
Edward J as Daniel

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Mini Collectables

 At New  World  the  Mini  collectables  are back  out there are  50 collectables to collect. You can also buy  a  lunch box, a shop, a delivery truck, shopping trolley  and  a  shopping  basket. Everyone loves Mini  Collectables. You  can  get  lots of different ones like  ice cream  tub  and  spaghetti bolognese and  a  tissue box.

By Sophia

Commonwealth Games Day

Tug of war event

On Friday the 15th of August St Joseph’s, Kuranui  and Te Poi got together for the Commonwealth games. They played squash, bowling, take a peg, tug of war, assault course and throw the rugby ball. All the children got into different teams. There was one team for each country like Fiji, Jamaica and Scotland. 

At the end of the day they ran out of time for the trophies, so they will do them one day soon.

By Tyler

Mini Bees Netball

Every  Saturday  the  Mini  Bees  play  Netball  at  the  Netball  courts  in  Matamata.  The  Mini  Bees  played  Hinuera  two  times  and  won  one  game  and  lost  the  other  game. 

There  were  9  people  in  the  team,  they were Lucy,  Maia,  Taila,  Esther,  Amelia, Somone, Te Ahaua, Miles and Stephanie. Their coach is  Raniha.

When  the  season  was  over  there  was  a  prize giving  and  the  Mini  Bees  got  a  trophy  for fabulous  passing.

By  Esther

School Production

St Joseph’s Matamata are making signs for their production. The production is called The Magic Tree Book. Some of the signs say “we love books” or “books are great”. Some say “keep our library open”. The signs are for the Duffy Town people to protest against the library closing. The Duffy people sing a song while holding the signs. They want to keep the library open because books are important.

By Chad

Exciting Soccer Game

In  Matamata  on  Saturday  the  16th  the  Red  Dragons  played  Tamahere  School  in  an  exciting  game  of  Soccer.  The game started at 10:30, the Red Dragons won the game. Oscar, Jake, Jack and George scored the goals.

By Jackson