Friday, 20 March 2015

St Joseph’s Day - 19 March 2015

Yesterday it was St Joseph’s Day. We started the day with Mass and then we sorted ourselves into houses to make our special shared lunch. 

Silk made the Minestrone soup by chopping up celery, onions, zucchini, potatoes and carrots. Then we added tins of tomatoes, cannelinni beans, pasta and beef stock.

MacKillop made the bread in a breadmaker and then kneaded it to make bread rolls.

Joseph made Sfinge cakes.  This was made with flour, butter, water, sugar and eggs. It made a batter that we cooked in the oven and then topped it with riccota cheese mixed with cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate chips and icing sugar

When all the cooking was done and we were ready to eat, we all dressed up like Joseph or Mary or like people did in those days. Bishop Denis came to have lunch with us. We sang our St Joseph’s school prayer and the Bishop said grace. Then we sat down at a long table to eat our lunch. It was amazing. The soup was so yummy. "I liked to dip my bread in the soup" said Chad. "I even had two pieces of cake!" - Joshua

Happy Feast Day St Joseph!!

Excerpts taken from stories by Joshua, Charlotte, Joseph, Talia and Chad

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Catholic Interschool Swimming

On Wednesday 11th March 2015 St Joseph’s hosted an Interschool Swimming competition at the Matamata Town Pools for 16 Catholic Schools from around the Hamilton Diocese. We were blessed with beautiful weather and a wonderful day was had by all. There were 151 children competing in the various events and there were some very tight finishes for some of the races.
St Joseph’s had 3 children who made the finals of their races:
  •  Jackson Donderwinkel – 8 yr old boys backstroke.
  • Esther James – 8 yr old girls freestyle and breaststroke
  • Zanthie Thomas for 8yr old girls breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle

Winning School – Pohlen Memorial Trophy went to St Joseph’s Fairfield