Monday, 7 September 2015

Fitness Fun with Mrs Ross

Mrs Ross used to go to our school and she is a PE teacher now. Sometimes on a Friday she comes in to take us for PE or Fitness. She taught us a game called Zone ball. We played it in the hall. It was good fun!

These photos are when she took us for fitness. We had skipping activities to do to music and when she stopped the music we all had to do things like make a side plank with our hand in the air.

Daffodil Day - 28 August 2015

Daffodil day is a special day to raise money for those who have cancer. The yellow daffodil was chosen as a sign of hope for those with cancer. The daffodil is yellow – a nice, bright, happy colour. It comes out at the end of winter to show that we have lots of warm weather to look forward to.

At St Joseph’s we dressed up in bright, sunny clothing, created our own collage daffodils and read poems about them.

Let us remember to pray for those with cancer – that they find the strength and hope to keep on fighting.