Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Young Vinnies 28th of March.

Young Vinnies is a fun group that the year 5s and 6s at St. Joseph's School gets to do. We have activities like plays and baking. This year the Young Vinnies sang “Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree”, “Hippity, Hoppity, Flippity, Floppity, Funny Bunny” and “Little Einstein” theme song (but we forgot to do that one).  Ryan was a bunny, Patrick was an evil brown bunny, Joe was a pink bird, Tyler was a blue bird and I was a red bird. We did it at Pohlen Hospital on 28th March. After the songs we gave them Easter eggs and cards with jokes.
 I have a joke for you.
Jack; I found a duckway last night. ‘
Joe; what’s a duckway.
Jack; oh about two kilos.

Monday, 19 March 2018

St Joseph's Day 19th March

On Monday 19th of March the whole school went to Te Aroha to celebrate St Joseph’s day with Morrinsville, Waihi, Paeroa and Te Aroha. At the start of the day everyone went to church for mass and Father JeLo showed us a picture of St Joseph sleeping. After that we did a bunch of activities like soccer, 4 square and an obstacle course. But before that we had lunch. Some people got to order lunch which they enjoyed. After that we went back to school – and everyone felt exhausted from all the fun activities that we did.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

School Swimming Sports 15.3.18

                          School Swimming Sports 15/3/18

We walked across to the town pools and most of the parents were there so we started.  The little kids started and they went across the pool. Then the middle swimmers went 2nd. Then the big swimmers went last. It was a big long day when everyone got out of the pool their arms were tied.

Interschool Swimming Sports 23/3/18

In the Interschool Swimming Sports, the first race was the 50 meter.  The tent we sat under was the Firth Primary’s. They were so generous to let us share. The food was so nice. There was home baking, burgers and sausages but the races were fast and fun. When the races got called we had to go to the white tent and wait for our races. I was so proud of my achievement.  

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Friendship Circle 7th March

When we went to Friendship circle on 7 March we sang some songs to the old people. We sang “Don’t sit under the Apple Tree” and “Haere Mai Everything is Ka Pai” and “If I were a Butterfly”. Belinda asked us some jokes. They were really funny and we tried to guess them.  We showed them our little house that we had made and some people had paintings about World Peace Day.   They liked looking at our work and watching our songs. When we finished they gave us a biscuit and a drink.
by Kyla Howe